Understanding Black-Owned Businesses

21 Feb

The explosion of the number of  african american businesses  in recent years has been significant. There is a direct correlation between the level of success that these businesses have enjoyed and the level of attention they have received from the media, critics, and the general public. As a result, black-owned business entrepreneurs are experiencing unprecedented levels of entrepreneurial success. More people are recognizing their potential than ever before, and new business ideas and models are arising every day.

While the reasons for this are complex and layered, there is one fact that cannot be denied: black Americans have long known how capable they are of running businesses. And in fact, the entrepreneurial spirit in America was one that was built upon the premise of owning property and earning money. All forms of slavery existed to a point, but black people understood that they had the entrepreneurial spirit and the mental capability to overcome any obstacle or barrier that stood in their way. Now, that same spirit is being utilized by black, small businesses to become major successes in our nation's capital.

In many instances, it was the example of black minority businesses and operated businesses that helped to build the middle class. The insurance companies were considered the "keepers of wealth" in the early 20th century, but that position has certainly changed. Today, many of the most successful companies in the world are actually smaller versions of the large insurance companies that existed centuries ago. Black owned and operated businesses are now considered among the elite, and they are the driving force behind many of the advances that have been made in the technological realm.
One of the most profound examples of this can be found with the development of iPhones and other mobile devices. If you look at the business history of the company that brought us the first mobile phone, you will quickly realize that it was the result of a white entrepreneur who was attempting to develop a cell phone that would run on the principle of black-owned business ownership. This story makes clear the importance of civil rights and business ownership for black Americans.

Small business ownership in the black community is not something new. It has actually been present for centuries. In the days before white men could settle down and establish their own businesses in urban areas, there were a number of very successful black businessmen in the city, including some that owning entire insurance companies. Throughout the years, a number of great business ideas came out of the black community, and some of those included some of the best examples of business ownership that we have today. The fact is that the black population throughout the United States has always had an incredible ability to start up new businesses, and when you take into account the fact that the demographics are changing dramatically, you begin to see how this will play a large role in the future.

Today, there are a number of black-owned businesses in every city and state, and they represent a tremendous number of jobs as well as an incredible number of income opportunities. As more businessmen become educated about the importance of diversifying their portfolios, many of them are also making it their mission to do just that by getting involved in black-owned businesses and helping to improve the black community in many ways. In order to get involved in some of these ventures, you need to contact the businessmen and find out what they are doing. There are a number of business history resources available, and you can easily take advantage of these to learn about the history of the black-owned business and to find out what is going on in some of the blackest neighborhoods across the country.
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